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Park Avenue has cleaned my home for over 8 years now. They are reliable, safe, and very hard working! Can't imagine my life without them!

Samantha K.

Your crew accomplished a lot of excellent cleaning and a few things I’d almost call miracles! I don’t think the refrigerator sparkled like this when I moved in 17 years ago! They got many things off the Pergo flooring that I thought no one would ever be able to remove! They worked long and hard. They were accomplishing things so fast and vigorously I couldn’t keep track of it all.

Elizabeth R.

Nicole and her team are fabulous. They are dependable, detail oriented and care about the final result. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to end their search for a better cleaning service, once you hire Park Avenue Cleaners, your search is over, you've hired the best!

Tina O.

Park Avenue Cleaning has saved me! I always like my house clean, but since I had one of my knees replaced I wasn't able to keep my house the way I liked it. Park Avenue Cleaning cleans my house so that I can enjoy my home without worrying about cleaning. Thank you

Kathie G.

Nicole and her team are the BEST! It took some time for me to realize I cannot do it all! So when I decided to hire Nicole and her team it was one of my better decisions! I now have a life outside of work and time for myself. They are very detailed and take care of anything that you need without any problems. They are very affordable best money that I spend! Highly Recommend!

Donna M.

This fall my wife and I were selling our home and promised the buyers we'd have it professionally cleaned. When TJ and Tasha from Park Avenue Cleaning showed up I asked them to clean for four hours instead of two. They didn't bat an eye and got right to work. A major concern of ours was ensuring that no cat odors lingered by closing. TJ and Tasha went above and beyond in making sure there was no trace of our cats left behind. Ultimately, the sale of the house went through successfully, due, in part, to their dedication and hard work.

Anthony L.

It is so nice and comforting when you can find someone who will treat the biggest investment that you have – your home with care and diligence. And these people do just that! She is thorough and when she walks out of the house everything is in it's proper place and the place sparkles as if it were a show home. We trust these people completely when we are not home, (which is most of the time), and we arrive home the smell and sight of meticulous clean home awaits us. I recommend Park Avenue to all my friends.

Josh A.

Park avenue cleaning does an excellent job in cleaning our home in Fulton, MD. The team takes care of all the little details that make a difference to me. They are also very sweet with my golden retrievers and my tabby cat. I recommend them to everyone.

Angela Z-K.

I love the Park Avenue Team, they do a wonderful job cleaning my home. The Team is professional and Nicole the owner took the time to understand what was important for me as the homeowner. They change the sheets, they organize my makeup station and put away my loose earrings. The pricing is very reasonable and their knowledge on how to best clean the different surfaces in my home is impressive. I have found my forever cleaning company!!!!

Angela K.

They do an excellent job every 2 weeks with my home! Every detail is dealt with and they clean items that I would not have even thought of before!!

Anita H.

Wanted to share this story that illustrates why Park Avenue Cleaning has been our exclusive cleaning service for years now: We had scheduled a cleaning with Park Avenue to take place right before a big party that my wife had been planning for days. As it goes with Murphy's Law, the power went out right before the cleaning crew arrived. Which meant they couldn't vacuum. Which could've been a big problem, and any other cleaning service would have said something like "Huh--we'll have to get back to you..." But Park Avenue Cleaning just handled it. Here's what they said: "Mr. Scott, can you tell us where your broom and dustpan are?" That's right, they swept everything clean by hand, and the results were perfect as always. That's dedication. And that's why we always recommend Park Avenue Cleaning.

Scott C.

These ladies are amazing! Not only they do high quality job, but also always punctual, friendly and efficient! I would highly recommend Park Avenue Cleaning as your PCP (primary cleaning provider) they are the best!

Victoria B.

I didn't realize how much I needed Park Avenue Cleaning Services. They are very professional and do a great job cleaning my home. It frees my time up to do the things most important to me. Like spending more time with my grandchildren. Thank you Park Avenue Cleaning Services for a job well done.

T’core J.

Nicole and her team are simply the best. It is amazing to walk inside, after a long day at the office and smell clean fresh rooms. Their care and attention to detail is their strength. Once you've hired Park Avenue Cleaners, you can stop looking for another service and relax.

Tina O.

Nicole and her team are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes cleaning companies. They have been cleaning for us for us since 2015 and have not had one issue. I do and would recommend them to all.

Chris G.

Park Avenue Cleaning does a phenomenal job cleaning my home. I've used different house cleaners in the past, and Park Ave cleans my house better than anyone else! I definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

Kristy M.

Read my recommendation! The best! I'm so glad I switched cleaning companies.

Ashlie D.

Nicole Henn & her team at Park Avenue Cleaning are awesome! They did a deep cleaning of my home this morning and it was more than I ever expected! They did details in my kitchen and bathrooms that I did not even think of to clean! Everything smells wonderful, is organized, clean and the vacuuming is perfect! My family & I are excited to continue with bi-weekly cleaning services for the house!

Anita H.

Park Avenue Cleaning is the best home cleaning provider in the area. They are in and out quickly and leave my home smelling fresh and clean. I use bi-weekly service being a single guy with one pet. Rest assured and put all doubts aside, Park Avenue Cleaning will treat your home as if it was their home.

Jason H.

Park Ave. is the best. They did a great job cleaning my home and office.

Danny H.

Nicole & her excellent team at Park Avenue Cleaning have done a magnificent job! Better than I had expected, by far!! They always amaze me with cleaning places & getting the little things done that I would not have even considered! They are always there on time, with a smile and make my whole house sparkle! My family loves them also and look forward to our bi-weekly cleaning sessions!

Anita H.

Ms. Nicole and her team are amazing!!! They are doing a great job, friendly & professional!

Hannah B.

Nicole has been cleaning our house every month for seven years. They do an amazing job every time. It is so nice to come home to a beautiful clean home. We highly recommend them. On a personal note. Thank You Nicole for what you do and for being such a nice person.

Oscar B.

Nicole has been cleaning my house for 10 years. She is responsible, respectful, and does an amazing job cleaning my house. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help keep their house looking brand new! Nicole accommodates special requests, including holidays and special events. She's fun to be around but remains professional in all she does. I am generally not home when she comes and I trust her completely, however, one time when I was home after just having surgery, Nicole was quiet and did not disturb me at all. She made sure I was OK and did her job. I also love coming home to a clean smelling put together house. Nicole is a great person who has become a friend. I would highly recommend her services.

Laura M.

Park Avenue cleaning did an awesome job cleaning my customer's property. They were very thorough and made the house look like a million dollars. I will definitely be reusing them again.

Chris G.

Nicole an her Team have were able to help my clients for my painting company. She was quick and great to work with. I found my source for a cleaning company in Maryland. she rocks! If my clients are super happy it makes me look good! keep up the great work!!

Robert G.

In 2005, I used Park Avenue Cleaning as a brand new start-up business. I have been calling on them ever since. They are conscientious, professional and pleasant to have around. I have dogs, and Nicole and her team are great with them. I trust her completely and have no problem leaving my home open for her. She never disappoints and feels like a member of the family. Refer them to others with no hesitation.

Pat K. of Catonsville, MD

Nicole has cleaned my home for over ten years and always does a great job!

Doreen S.

Nicole and her team have been cleaning our home for over 6 years. I've recommended her to many friends...some need only a one time cleaning to "get over a hump" but others have hired on for ever. Nicole is very flexible, she is extremely diligent and always leaves my house beautiful. Thursdays are my favorite day to come home from work...the house always feels great. In addition to cleaning, Nicole is wonderful with our two large dogs...she treats them like they're her own. Highly recommend Park Ave Cleaning.

Sue A.

Nicole has been cleaning our home for 10 years! She is friendly and does a great job!

Melissa W.

Nicole has cleaned our house for years. It looks like a showcase home every time. She is professional, trustworthy and highly recommended for all your cleaning needs.

Chris W.

Nicole of Park Avenue Cleaning is absolutely the best-- and we've tried all the cleaning services. For the past seven years, we've come to rely on and treasure Nicole. She is thorough, consistent, and has such a great attitude. When she leaves, the kitchen gleams, the bathrooms sparkle, the dust, and grime is gone, the beds are neat, and the toys and books are in their place. Plus, she never judges our mess. (We have two kids, she'd be totally justified if she did.) Nicole accommodates special requests and works around us when we need to be here. She's sweet to our kids, and fun to talk to. However, we try to be out sometimes when she cleans -- we trust her completely -- just to have the joy of opening the door, smelling the clean air, and discovering our home magically transformed. With our busy schedule, Park Avenue Cleaning is a gift to our family, lightening our workload and our stress level. We highly recommend.

Laura C.

I have been using Park Avenue Cleaning for approximately 3 years, and am provided with the same excellent service each time. They are friendly and thorough. They are extremely reliable, never canceling a scheduled cleaning. They are trustworthy, never concerned about them being unattended in my home. Pets are also not a problem, as I am able to leave my dog in the house without compromising the quality of their work. I recommend them highly to anyone.

Kathy B.

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