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Before and After Renovation

While the prospect of renovating a home or office can be exciting, post-renovation cleaning can be an unpleasant mess. So what are your options in such a situation? Hire a professional post-renovation cleaning service or try to do post-renovation clean-up yourself? First, let’s look at the pros and cons.

In fact, your contractor should settle the matter of who will handle the clean-up at the very beginning of the contract. Some contractors make this provision in their terms of service. Unfortunately, others do not. It is up to you to clarify this detail so it won’t be an issue later on.

If you are reading this after the fact, you may have to consider whether you should hire a professional cleaning service – or try to do the job yourself.

Post Renovation Cleaning – Ask the Right Questions

Many people fear the professional services will be costly. Yet, cost – while an essential factor – should not be your #1 consideration.

Consider, for example, the type and scale of the mess. If the space is merely dirty, and you have the time and the tools to clean it, by all means, go for a DIY.

But if it involves a more complex or bigger mess, then you should consider hiring the experts.

And, if there may be hazards associated with the mess, such as broken glass, sharp metal, or chemicals, a professional job is the smartest choice.

So, before you make this decision, you have got to know:

What Sort of Cleaning Is Required?

Women cleaning floor

  • Is the space a reasonable size for you to clean thoroughly?
  • Will you need to round up help?
  • Is the mess safe and non-toxic?
  • Is it easily packaged up and disposed of
  • Is water or moisture involved?
  • Is the right equipment available?

Professional cleaning

After extensive renovations, you might need heavy, and sometimes expensive, equipment to get the space clean.

You might need specialized tools like industrial fans to completely dry out a wet space.

Is There Enough Time to Get It Done?


Cleaning up after construction work might take time. If you’re on your own, you may need to round up some help if your goal is to get it done in a day.

The professionals, on the other hand, will bring crews, tripling or quadrupling the speed at which the job can be accomplished.

Post-renovation cleaning may involve more than heading to the grocery store for a few cleaning supplies. And, like a lot of tough jobs, we are likely to underestimate the amount of time it will actually end up taking you to get the job done thoroughly.

A recent study by ImproveNet on home improvement projects gone wrong has some revealing lessons

What the Research Says

Out of 2000 Americans interviewed, more than half of them (63%) regretted undertaking at least one of these types of projects on their own.

  • A third of them had to call a professional to redo the work
  • 55% ultimately didn’t like the results
  • 50% said it was physically more complicated than expected
  • 17% said it cost more
  • 53% said it took longer than expected
  • 48% said it was technically more demanding than they thought
  • Some – 6% – got injured
  • Others – 8% – caused damage to their homes

Most times, when DIY projects overrun a budget, they end up costing up to twice the estimated amount.

When the overrun is on time, the extra hours can be as much as 22 hours.

Now, survey aside, this is not meant to discourage anyone from undertaking a DIY project. Instead, it is a simple guide to help you weigh the options before undertaking an ambitious post-renovation cleaning project.

Would an Expert Do a Better Job?

Living Room with carpet and sofa

There’s a clear difference between a professionally cleaned house and one cleaned by an amateur. And when you’re talking about the kinds of gritty, slimy, post-renovation messes that homeowners are likely to encounter, most people just might not be used to that.

These are not messes to be tackled hurriedly or without much thoroughness. Instead, when trained pros carry out the job, they bring their years of experience and expertise to bear. As a result, they will know how to thoroughly cleanse, disinfect, and sanitize the post-construction environment. In addition, they will ventilate while using solvents and cleaners and be mindful of the air quality they leave behind.

The professionals know how to avoid cross-contamination; using systematic routines to make sure they miss nothing.

Will Doing It Yourself Be Cost and Time-Effective?

This is always the first question to ask yourself. It’s tempting to cut corners if you are cash-strapped, but a lot goes into a post-renovation cleaning. The work can be extensive. So, at the end of the day, will it actually be cheaper?

  • It depends on the value of your time. Plus, even if you do it yourself (DIY), there are obviously costs.
  • Supplies and tools (e.g., Gloves, PPE, vacuum cleaners, wet-vacs)
  • Mops and brooms
  • Buckets or hoses
  • Chemicals and cleaners
  • Rags and cloths
  • Dryers
  • Plastic bags
  • Truck rental
  • Dumping fees
  • Hired help?

These are not considerations to be left to the last minute. The clean-up after a construction or renovation project should be as carefully planned as the work itself.

And, are there any additional costs that could come up?

Why Hire a Professional Post Renovation Cleaning Service?

Professional house cleaner in PPE

Some of the benefits of hiring a post-renovation cleaning company include the following;

It’s time and cost-effective

Professional post-renovation cleaning saves a lot of time and costs in the long run. Cleaning teams are well versed in their field and, working together, can do in record time what it would take a non-specialist many hours to do.

Today, professionals also know the safest, most natural products to get a job done. They know the least toxic and abrasive chemical detergents to use when more potent substances are required. In addition, they will know which of these is the best and safest for each surface.

And they probably won’t damage your property. (That said, the cleaning company’s contract should contain some warranties, in case they do. Check this when you carefully vet their credentials.)

The right experience for the job

The right tools for the job

Professional cleaning services use state-of-the-art equipment in cleaning. But, that’s not all; they use only environmental-friendly supplies to ensure an overall clean and non-harmful environment.

The security of training, licensing, and insurance

Let’s face it; there is no better feeling when you are sure that your work is in excellent hands. To make sure your project is executed quickly and with no mishaps, select a reliable cleaning service. Luckily, this is an industry that is heavily reviewed. Read the reviews and pick a company with a track record of making customers happy!)

This type of company will have all the insurance coverage and licenses required to put your mind at ease. Make sure that, if anything should happen, the company can assume responsibility for its workers’ performance and their safety and well-being. This means that any damages incurred during the process of cleaning will not be primarily your concern.

High cleaning standards

Professional cleaning companies are vested in ensuring their work meets industry standards. This includes choosing high quality eco-friendly supplies whenever possible, using the right tools and equipment, and executing jobs with overall efficiency.

The confidence of using specialists

Instead of spending hours cleaning after a renovation, when professionals step in to handle the post-renovation cleaning, you can spend that time with your family. Then, when the job is done, your family moves into a space that’s ready to be lived in.


Renovating your home can be quite an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, the clean-up required after is another kettle of fish. Without a doubt, professional services offer clear benefits. They can give you a high degree of confidence that the job will be done right.

At Park Avenue Cleaning, we believe that a job worth doing should be done well. So who is better suited to carry out your post-renovation cleaning than your favorite Howard County residential and commercial cleaning professionals? We’ve been in the business since 2003 and bring a wealth of experience to your cleaning job that you won’t find anywhere else.

Want to enlist our services or find out how we can take on the big messes for you? We’re available 24/7! Contact us here.