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Let Us Help You Keep Your Workplace Clean

Commercial Cleaning in Howard County, Carroll County, and Greater Baltimore

We’ve designed specialized commercial cleaning services to address the needs of the small and mid-sized property manager. We want to earn your loyalty and support from the beginning because we know it’s easier to retain a client than to find a new one. We won’t spend a month trying to impress you only to disappoint you a month later. We value strong communication, honesty, and reliability because we don’t waste time-solving the same problem over and over. We understand the unique concerns of a commercial property manager and offer straightforward solutions.

At Park Avenue Cleaning, we value the experience and effort of each of our professional cleaners and we encourage them to find new ways to enhance our client’s experience with us. Our training program focuses on respect for our clients, as well as each other. We pride ourselves on our dedication, determination, and professionalism. Every team member we send to your premises will have the experience and materials he or she needs to do the job, every time. We want to be more than just a cleaning service. Our goal is to become your business partner. We understand that our performance is also our business card and good business is built on mutual understanding and trust. Our commercial cleaning services are available in Howard County, Carroll County, and Greater Baltimore, Maryland.


The Park Avenue Value Proposition

Attracting & Retaining Tenants

With commercial space plentiful in the Baltimore area, we understand that you need an edge. Competition for qualified tenants has required property managers and building owners alike to get creative and put their best foot forward every time. Potential tenants want the most bang for the buck, and that includes leasing a property that is well-maintained, clean, and safe. We’ll make sure doors are polished, lobbies are swept and disinfected, and the space smells fresh and clean. What we won’t do is work feverishly to impress you the first month, only to disappoint you the next. We understand that facilities management and custodial services work hand in hand. Our mission is to take responsibility for the project. Our goal is to be a frictionless and reliable business partner. We’ll get to know your tenants as friends, and we don’t disappoint our friends.

Our Cleaners Are Professionals

Park Avenue Cleaning has become the premier commercial cleaning service in the Baltimore area because we understand the business. Property owners and facility managers need a company they can trust and depend on, not one they have to follow around. Our commercial cleaning division uses the latest tools and environmentally friendly cleaning agents available to ensure our services leave a space neat and pristine. We can also accommodate special requests, such as all-natural agents and disposable tools when required. All of our commercial cleaning teams are COVID Certified, allowing us to serve essentially every sector with confidence.

Experience Counts

At Park Avenue Cleaning, we understand the pressures of the commercial real estate sector. As a fully insured and bonded company, we pride ourselves on being punctual, thorough, and most of all, reliable. Our company is small enough to provide unrivaled customer service, yet large enough to employ state-of -the-art cleaning technology. We believe in working smart, so our cleaners will have the latest tools at their disposal. We are COVID-Certified, meaning our cleaners have undergone special training using CDC-recommended cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This involves not only special disinfecting techniques, but trash disposal as well to prevent cross-contamination between facilities. We take safety protocols very seriously because we know it’s the responsible thing to do.

First Impressions

When potential tenants tour a property, they often compare it to the one they saw immediately prior. Tenants need the most for their money, and they understand that when selecting a space, first impressions matter. We understand that details can make the difference between signing a new lease and buying a new advertisement. Our inclusive commercial cleaning checklist ensures that when we leave a space, it’s ready for your potential tenant to inspect. Our goal at Park Avenue is to provide top-level service because we know your customers expect it.

Why Choose Park Avenue Commercial Cleaning?

Fully Bonded & Insured

As a top-level cleaning company, we understand the importance of trust. However, we know trust must be earned and cultivated over time, and that having peace of mind when hiring a cleaning service is important. As such, we are a fully insured and bonded company with an impeccable reputation. Our cleaners are vetted thoroughly and completely, giving our clients the value and peace of mind they deserve.


Park Avenue cleaners are not only vetted but highly trained. We feel our reputation is as important as our services, so we will never tarnish either. Every one of our cleaners is a professional and takes his or her job thoughtfully and cheerfully. We will always make sure that any interaction with us is pleasant, purposeful, and respectful. We will always come to a project prepared and ready to perform. Our managers will always make sure our cleaners have everything they need to do the job safely, quickly, and perhaps most of all, professionally.

Reliable & Dependable

When we say we are dependable, we mean it. We don’t expect a pat on the back just for showing up. We strive to set the bar so high we cannot be easily replaced. We also don’t expect our clients to police our work. Our managers know the level of quality Park Avenue requires, so our clients get our best work every time. We strive to communicate regularly with our clients so that if an issue does occur, we can correct it quickly and effectively. We can confidently say that unless the city is shut down, our crews will be on-site and on time.

Cost Effective

At Park Avenue, we offer our clients services based on value. We understand that cleaning services are often optional, so potential clients are looking for a balance of service, quality, and value. As such, we look for ways to make our client’s life a little easier when we can. Our services are designed to eliminate waste, redundant work, and inefficiency. With our team approach, we ensure the correct mix of speed, accuracy, and quality is present on every project, saving our clients both money and aggravation.

Park Avenue Cleaning Services the Following

Office Buildings

We will ensure every detail is covered. Our managers will make at least one inspection of every space. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so integrity is paramount at Park Avenue Cleaning. We make sure every space is clean and inviting, or we don’t leave. We understand that some tenants are particularly environmentally conscious, so we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions as well.


Our commercial cleaning professionals will ensure your bank is immaculate. Our fully-vetted technicians are trained and properly insured to handle cleaning for your bank. Your customers and employees can trust our honorable cleaning professionals around sensitive information.

Private Clubs

Our clients include country clubs, private resorts, and everything in between. We know your clients are there to relax, not lift their feet for a vacuum cleaner. We’ll respect your clients’ personal space and professionally interact with them every time. We will clean every surface your client can access, and even ones they can’t, because we understand members expect a certain level of service, and we provide it.

Vacation Rentals & Air BNBs

Renters don’t always respect the spaces they rent. Often, only superficial cleaning is done between rentals. At Park Avenue, we fully clean, disinfect, and deodorize with precision. As Covid certified cleaners, we put CDC-approved cleaning methods into action, ensuring you can rent your spaces with confidence.

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