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Get the Best Residential Cleaning and Recurring Maid Service in Howard County

No time to dust baseboards or scrub cabinets? Let Park Avenue Cleaning handle the never-ending household cleaning chores. Our residential cleaning service is staffed with experienced professional crews who will clean every nook and cranny of your home, freeing you up to focus on what matters most to you. Schedule recurring residential cleaning service to keep your home spotless and fresh smelling all year round. When you get behind on residential cleaning chores, call the professionals at Park Avenue Cleaning.

We’ll leave your home cleaner than ever before.

clean kitchen

Rely on Our Cleaners To

  • Wash doors, baseboards, and trim
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wipe and shine light fixtures
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Dust bookcases
  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Vacuum lampshades and curtains
  • Dust shelves and knick-knacks
  • And much more

Here are links to our Maid Service Checklist and our Deep-Clean Rotation Checklist!

When Experience Matters

We embrace the latest cleaning technology and methods available anywhere in the world. Nicole puts herself in her client’s shoes and delivers the things most important to them, every time. We know the frustration of missed details. Our clients who frequently entertain guests are some of our most satisfied clients. We understand some events and celebrations can only occur once, so we won’t cut corners. Our experienced maids know details matter in the cleaning business, especially when trying to impress. Our residential maid service will leave a client’s home clean, safe, and ready for company. Most of our maids have been with us for years, but even the best maids can face a health or family problem. At Park Avenue Cleaning, we cross-train all our maids to work with different lead technicians. For our clients, this means there is always a trained understudy available should your regular maid be unavailable. They will already know your home, your routine, and your preferences. Each maid will have the same qualifications and training, and all will be ready to hit the ground running. Many of our clients develop a personal relationship with our maids, because each one will be pleasant, impeccably trustworthy, and professional. In fact, some of our clients tell us their favorite day of the week is maid service day!

At Park Avenue Cleaning, we believe quality work is the key to our success. While some cleaning services are glad just to find someone to push a broom, we treat our employees like family. We invest time and resources into finding and vigorously training every maid we hire. We strive to create a pleasant, professional work environment for our cleaners because we want them to stay. Just as it is easier to retain a client than it is to find a new one, our goal is to offer a career for our cleaners, not just a job. That’s why the majority of our maids have been with us for many years.

We require anyone who enters a client’s home to leave their personal troubles at the door and act in a professional manner. We promise that any interaction with any Park Avenue Cleaning employee will be pleasant and professional. We can be trusted to organize makeup or put away loose earrings. We don’t leave when the clock says we’re done. We leave when we’ve done a job we can be proud of.

man drinking coffee

The Best People

Because maintaining a high level of consistent quality is what sets Park Avenue Cleaning apart, founder Nicole Henn still personally selects, vets, and trains every Park Avenue cleaner. She understands that our client’s goal is to receive reliable, impeccable service while maintaining comfortability — and trust with our maids. We employ only maids who pass rigorous vetting and are local to the Baltimore area. All our maids are completely insured and bonded, giving our clients the peace of mind they need and appreciate.

Every maid represents Park Avenue Cleaning, and Nicole requires their best efforts with each client. Clients won’t see a new face every week, because Nicole recognizes that clients need to feel comfortable with anyone entering their home. Not only do residential clients receive our white glove service every time, they receive it from someone they know and trust. We believe that is why many of our clients have been with us from the beginning. We want to earn our client’s trust and respect, and we promise never to take either for granted.

How We Work

We stay at the cutting edge of technology and take our work seriously. Our maids will always have the latest tools available, but we’ll clean the floors with a toothbrush if we have to. The job is priority one at Park Avenue Cleaning. Our 109-point rotation checklist ensures we leave no detail untouched, even if the power is out!

Residential clients hire us for numerous reasons, but none more so than our approach to customer service. When we say we offer “white glove” service, we mean it. Part of the vigorous training our maids receive includes understanding a client’s needs and assisting them wherever we can. We know our clients hire a cleaning service to ease their lives, not complicate them.

For example, most residential cleaning services require all pets to be confined during cleaning. Often, this is because they don’t want to vacuum the floor twice in the same visit. We take a more relaxed approach, so if pets are safe to be around, our clients can allow them to roam as usual and we’ll do the rest.

We also know the science of cleaning. We remove the contaminants, not spread them around. Our residential maid service is designed to save the busy homeowner aggravation, hassle, and perhaps most of all, time. We work in teams of two because we appreciate efficiency and avoid redundancy. We train each team to work as a unit, and each member checks the other’s work to ensure the highest level of quality. We don’t just hit the high spots either. Because we know the science, we can thoroughly clean indoor spaces and disinfect surfaces without fouling the air with strong chemicals. We know that our clients are looking for quality, peace of mind, and safety.

Speaking of safety, we take CDC protocols very seriously. Each of our maids has undergone complete, specialized training to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. This includes but is not limited to, special cleaning agents, disinfecting techniques, and even trash disposal. We employ CDC-approved cleaning methods to ensure we are qualified to accept both large and small projects with the confidence we can do the best job possible.

Quality, Commitment, Professionalism

These three words describe not just our cleaners, but our company. At Park Avenue Cleaning, we want to earn a client’s trust and patronage. As such, everything we do is designed to impress. We work hard, and smart. We never mind direct comparisons with other cleaning companies. Our goal is to provide our clients so much value that other cleaning companies simply cannot compete.

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